Cat Tully writes: The year 2020 is full of a kind of futuristic resonance for many of us — somehow a little like living in the future. Seeing 2020 on the calendar this January summons specific memories for me of my time a decade ago as a Strategy Director in…

Futurists don’t often feature as fictional protagonists. And there is even an oblique reference to the SOIF Retreat at Hartwell House. This is a guest post by Corinne Roëls, of the French futures organisation, Futuribles. Corinne also attended the SOIF Retreat in 2017.

Photograph of the reviewer, Corinne Roëls, taken at a SOIF Retreat by the novel’s author, Jean-Philippe Toussaint.

Followers of Futuribles should enjoy The USB…

School of International Futures

SOIF, the School of International Futures uses futures and foresight to help shape change for the better.

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